Friday, 5 September 2014

Ready To Market With Build A Sign? Get 10% Off With Build A Sign Coupon

Have you been looking for promoting your new business or one that you have just initiated and about to let the world know more? Well if this is the depth. Here you go. Simply get your business card printed by the best printers online in just a day or two. Yes, Build a sign offers you great value for money as well as quality at par excellence. You can get your cards printed in just no time and with the ease of free shipping. Now get 10% off plus free shipping with the use of build sign coupons at Online Coupon Island.

Why to start up with business cards?

The business card is a great way to promotion. The business card is a communication document should not be overlooked. The card makes it easy to keep in touch with customers you face every day. The business card is much more than a piece of paper; it makes it easy to trace the whereabouts of a person and can be easily stored in a wallet or card holder. 

Which card formats? 

Note that the traditional format of a business card is 80x126mm however the format most commonly used standard is 85x54mm. It is approximately the size of a credit card, insurance card, so ideal for slipping into a portfolio. 

Which paper to choose his business card?

 For a good record when printing, choose a coated paper , shiny or matte. Papers "low end" are definitely not recommended because they will cause disappointing results so far from your expectations. We must also be careful that the paper is not too soft, not too late. Build a sign offers cards with top quality. 

Which typography used for his business card? 

It is strongly advised to use the same typeface for all text on your business card. The use of too many different fonts makes text legibility of your card difficult visit. To highlight some fields (such as first or last name), you can pretty much play on the font size (not less than 7pt) and appearance (bold, italics) to highlight certain information. So are you ready to get your cards printed? Well in that way, get build a sign coupon code today!