Friday, 17 April 2015

Rivers Still The Better Option For Chargers

With NFL draft 2015 fast approaching, the San Diego Chargers are faced with a dilemma. It is really taxing for them to decide whether they should continue with their longtime quarterback, Philip Rivers or make a move for Marcus Mariota.
Speculations are rife that Rivers could possibly be dealt to the Tennessee Titans. This implies that Marcus Mariota would then be used by the Chargers.

However, many analysts urge Chargers to continue with Rivers. To many, Rivers is the player that will afford them with the best chance to win games not only this season, but also in the coming years. It is not just about adjusting to the scenario after Rivers has left Chargers, but also about the conviction they will have in making room for Mariota. How will the owner, the general manager, the personal staff, the head coach and the caching staff react to a new quarterback?
Will Mariota derive the same confidence from team mates that he is the QB on whom they can rely on?
Rivers with 31 touchdowns and 4,286 yards has enough in his track record to suggest that he will make a better QB any day. He has been with the team for a decade and there is little probability that a replacement would go well with the team official and players.
Mariota on the other hand mainly benefits from an offense that is based in simplified reads. He has trips outside the pocket which will increase his chances of injury. He still needs to work a lot on resetting his feet when he maneuvers pocket for improving accuracy and power.
At the end of the day, a proven quarterback of NFL is a much better commodity than to explore and rely on an unproven player.

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