Friday, 12 June 2015

Will The Patriots Come Up With A Suitable Replacement For Tom Brady If The Need Arises

Finding a replacement for Tom Brady
New England Patriots are still not sure whether their key QB’s four-game suspension will stay or be removed. However, they are no longer waiting to find out.
Tom Brady, the key quarterback has been playing for the Patriots since 2001. The Patriots have hardly known any other quarterback other than him. Brady too has been serving the Patriots well and it is widely believed that Brady is the best ever quarterback that NFL has produced. Brady too has been with the Patriots since the beginning and he has never missed a season for his team expect in 2008 when he had to sit out due to an injury. He was replaced by Matt Cassel who led the team to an 11-5 record. However, the Patriots still failed to make it to the playoffs despite winning the last four games.  
Brady has led his team to several Super Bowl victories. He also won the most valuable player award in 2007. That year the Patriots were 16-0 in regular season. Will the Patriots’ find a suitable replacement for Brady?

The Patriots not ready to take a chance
When we speak of Brady, it seems that a replacement for him is unlikely to be found. It is hard for the Patriots to imagine that they will start the season without Brady. But he is expected to miss the first four-games. Brady was suspended following an inquiry into his alleged role in the Deflategate scandal. Though Brady denied any wrongdoings, yet he was handed out a four-game suspension as the Wells’ report found him guilty. Even the Patriots were fined, but they have no intention to appeal their punishment. Tom Brady though will be appealing his sentence. Many say that the appeal may remove the four-game ban, but nothing is for sure right now and the Patriots are not ready to take a chance.

Matt Flynn makes it to the Patriots’ side
The Patriots are about to sign a veteran backup to take over the responsibilities of quarterback. Matt Flynn is expected to serve during the first four-games.  This has been stated by an NFL insider. Flynn is now expected to join the Quarterback ranks which also include Jimmy Garoppolo. The first game will be played against the Steelers in Week 1.
The news made the headlines with the Patriots issuing a statement that quarterback Garret Gilbert has been released.
Flynn who was with the green bay for his six out of seven seasons was not signed by the Packers this off season. The Packers choose Scott Tolzein hoping he would deliver more than Flynn. The Patriots are not exactly looking for another Brady. Flynn with his hard-work can give a boost to the New England Patriots.

Is Jimmy Garoppolo being sidelined despite an impressive performance?
The Patriots have been preparing for their first four-games without Brady. Jimmy Garoppolo has been ushered in the practices. He won the confidence of coaches as he threw with precision and came up with a positive performance on the field. Even the players seemed happy with him.
According to tight end Rob Gronkowski, “He’s doing a great job. He’s going out here, and he’s competing every single day, running the offense totally well and it’s great to go with any group that is out there, whatever time the coaches put me in, whoever the quarterback is, everything is going smooth. Everything is going well. It’s a lot of fun out here.”
Even Garoppolo seemed adamant about improving as much as he can.
“I’m just going out to practice every day, trying to improve, trying to get my teammates better, get me better, and we’ll go from there,” he said. “There’s a ton to improve on. I’ve got a long way to go.”
Why Flynn has been brought in the presence of Garoppolo is not known yet. Garoppolo has had his share of success. Last summer, he made a surge with his performance. He won the hearts of many with his ability to keep the first-team offense afloat when practices were being held. This happened when Brady had been limited due to a calf injury.

Patriots without Brady in first four-games
As of now, Brady’s appeal is expected to be heard on 23rd June. The Patriots are headed straight for trouble if Brady loses his appeal. They will start their first game against the Steelers who came out 11-5 last season. Their next game is against their toughest divisional rivals, the Buffalo Bills. Bills’ coach Rex Ryan went on to say that teams would not want to play against the Bills. He also claimed that the Bills will make it to the playoffs, but stopped short of giving a guarantee.
The Bills’ offense under offensive coordinator Greg Roman has certainly improved. It has a strong line of capable players. It includes center Eric Wood, right guard Jon Miller, right tackle Cyrus Kouandjio, Left Tackle Cordy Glenn, and left guard Richie Incognito. Hence, the offense of the Bills has certainly improved. The running back situation is also pleasant for the Bills. Two capable running backs are present in the form of Fred Jackson and LeSean McCoy. McCoy has 6,792 rushing yards in his career so far. Meanwhile, Jackson is currently ranked at the 97h place on the NFL’s all-time list. Overall the team is doing pretty well even though the quarterback situation is still uncertain.
The third game will be easy one for the Patriots as they face the Jaguars, but then they will take the heat again in their next game as they face Dallas Cowboys.

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There are a dozen reasons why NFL will be exciting this year too. It will be all the more interesting for the Patriots’ fans if they get to see the first four-games without their key quarterback Tom Brady. Rex Ryan is at it again with his boasts and it will be fun watching the Bills play against their toughest divisional rivals, the New England Patriots. The Bills will be hoping that Brady’s suspension stays while the Patriots will hope that in the absence of Brady, a suitable replacement can be found.
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