Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The NFL Players Under Tremendous Pressure In 2015

When you talk of pressure, everyone is under pressure in the NFL. The league is nothing short of a relentless organization that pushes hundreds of players and coaches out into unemployment. They are replaced with people who really deserve a chance in the team. The league is nothing else but an unending meritocracy. The rules though brutal are still simple: You fail to deliver and you fall out of favor.
This is reason enough that hundreds of players, coaches and other officials are found giving in their level best to come up with great performance. The motivation is to deliver at any cost or be thrown out of the league. Though the procedure may be very unpleasant for many, yet it ensures that the league gives the very best to the public.
A few players who will be taking the greatest heat this year have been discussed here.

Peyton Manning
Manning may not be ready to admit but many say that his reputation is under considerable theat. He leads a squad that has undoubtedly fallen out of favor as they could not come up to the expectation.
Manning will be eager to deliver Tom Brady like results but all that he has is a new script with an old body. However, there are some positive points for Manning too. He may capitalize heavily on the advantage of a strong ground game. He also has a stiff defense to assist him. So the pressure is now on him to ensure the Broncos do not end up as another failure.

Andy Dalton
Now entering into his fourth year in his career at NFL, Dalton is second only to Peyton Manning. However, in the 14-games he has played so far for his team, he won only three times. But that does not mean he is solely responsible. He has a completion rate of 55 percent. He is at 12:7 when it comes to interception-to-touchdown ratio.
Dalton may have been able to get away so far but this year he will have no excuses at all.

Odell Beckham
Pressure is there but that has been mostly been due to the image Beckham has formed over the last year. We saw him play excellent football with some comparing him to Lawrence Taylor. That was not all as he went on to win the rookie of the year award. When he stated giving interviews, he came under the magnifying glass. It may not be justified to expect so much from him, but the scenario is that he will indeed be under a lot of pressure to deliver.

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