Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Michal Kors: The luxury for plain folks

We have other means for luxury these days; we don’t believe that having 7-course meal or sleeping in king size suite that’s in a gigantic mansion is just extravagance. But having an expensive, limited edition, and high-end brand’s bag is defined as luxury. We love to indulge in accessories that define our class. That are must have premium products.

After searching day and night, every day in and out, I come across Michael Kors. I know it’s a high-end, premium brand too, but this brand is versatile not only in terms styles and designs but also in pricing. They have the amazing range of handbags that is affordable by normal, usual existing human beings like us. And it’s not some of ok-ish stuff but like golden products. I am just head over heel for Michael Kors’s jet set Saffiano Leather Tote. It's elegant, classy, so simple yet so chic, and evergreen kind of style. Plus the colors they have in Saffiano leather tote are super cool. Price ranges from $198 to $298, and that’s without any promotions. That reminds me of discount codes and coupon codes I saw few days ago on Online Coupon Island, they have 50% off on selected products at Michael Kors. Such coupon codes are like treasure hunting type of thing, “hard to find.”

Next what I think is a bit out of our league, but saving few hundred bucks you can have this magnificently remarkable handbag. So I don’t speak that highly of anything but if you will get a little bit of Hermes and Prada in one tote and that’s not even copied but a mixture and better version. Like if Hermes and Prada has a love child that would be Michael Kors’s Selma. The dimensions are pretty much similar to both of the lineage brands, but Selma is not that tall. Space wise it’s extremely roomy. You can keep your notebook or DSLR in it. And tons of other stuff. The prices range from $ 175 to $ 430. These two and other styles from Michael Kors have made the fashion geeks going woo about the bags. They are the ones who kind of twisted the trends in bags field.