Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Refreshing home décor ideas to follow up in 2016

By the end of 2020 we might experience the real “smart home” as Silicon Valley is trying to bring smartness to home, connecting everything. With modern homes and smart appliances we dare not to miss these simple yet elegant concepts.

Bring some green inside:

Whether you are redoing your living room or beautifying your compact apartment, putting some green in terms of small plants, wall color or a hint in furniture will be really exciting. According to studies green color has soothing and calming effect on one’s mind. We will see that wall décor, small plant life and accessories inspired by garden theme and green color will be hot.

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Let the inner artist of you take over:

If you are involved in some weaving or learnt some of the tricks from your grandma then you should take a serious note of your skills and utilize them in your home styling. As for the matter tassels, crochet, and basketry to macramé are really going to be the part of interior design trends. Plus don’t hesitate of putting a Moroccan rug next to a Target coffee table. That reminds me of the fabulous discount Target is offering on home items, 25 % off and you can get extra 10 % by using coupon codes from

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Essence of minerals: 

An odd but extremely awe filled trend of minerals used in home decoration, is a hot trend. Refined geodes attached to a stand, big bowls of pyrite on the center table or semi-precious stones turned into door pulls, gives an au natural ambiance to your home. 

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Mingle metallic and metals:

Let’s dive into 1950 and 1970 for sizzling fashion designing trends. This era was not only hot for fashion but in home decoration too. Midcentury mod with brass, gold, silver and metallic finishing are popular at the moment. Metallic dining chairs, newspaper stands and even lamps. Be ready to embrace the hit retro bling.
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Promote sustainability:

With the drift in environment and changes around us, consumers demand sustainability from foam in couches to the foundation that holds the entire building. Consumer has become smart about what they purchase and how it is going to effect the planet. Planet friendly and recyclable items are high in demand.
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