Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Revolution in Innovative and practical products

The All New Accessories from Hello Nomad

Known for being a pioneer in smart watch accessories, Nomad is the best source today to buy the most unique smart-watch accessory items. Geared towards a time when smart watches will take over the much popular smartphone. Smart watches promise even more convenience having phone and camera services that are even more user-friendly. Hello Nomad has gone a step further in developing some great tools for the modern Nomad. What makes things even better is that Hello Nomad items can be bought with big discounts through Nomad Coupon Codes all available from onlinecouponisland.com The name Hello Nomad represents top class command line utilities for iOS. Specialties include desktop charging stands for Apple smart watches, attractive leather bands for Apple smart watches. Apple Ultra-portable battery packs and more. The smartwatch by Apple comes with a unique charging system based on the wireless Qi charging and Mag-Safe connector. 

Photograph Courtesy: behance.net

Nomad Wallet

Wallet offers its unique and practical functionality a quality leather wallet having 2400mAh power.

Photograph Courtesy: 9to5mac.com


Roadtrip a modern portable battery (3000mAh) that helps you keep your phone charged while traveling.

Photograph Courtesy: 9to5mac.com

Digital devices - USB Carabiner Clip

Carabiners have multiple use. It’s a portable charging system which is very handy can easily clip onto belt or buckles, can be fixed on to a keychain backpack. Made for Android’s, one needs to just plug your device to the Micro-USB connector and you’re all set to charge with through a USB port.

Photograph Courtesy: isodisc.com

Charge Key

The ChargeKey is a high grade plastic having two hard plastic points that are connected through a flexible rubber middle. With one side having a USB connector which can be plugged into a PC or Mac.