Wednesday, 18 November 2015

“Turkey the land of fantasies”

Turkey is the blend of Europe and Asia, where east meets west where culture leaves you in the mesmerizing world of fantasies. Turkey has so much to offer yummylicious food, exotic sightseeing and friendly, welcoming people. It’s a place that should be on your bucket list and dare not to miss. Whether you are looking for adventure or just relaxing lazy beaching you can do anything here.

The diversity there is so balanced, modern day pop night culture exits simultaneously with historical architect master pieces. If you are wishing to visit in end October to mid-November you can steal some pretty affordable deals from Fly Thomas Cook. Here are what they are offering for Oct.

If you are anywhere in the UK you can hit a jackpot by availing Oct 15 deals get flights in just £40 to Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman, make sure you also log on to for more voucher codes and discount codes of Fly Thomas Cook. The weather in this region will be slightly chilly around this time of year, saving the last bits of summer sun as the season is about to end, still a little warmer than the rest. Turkey naturally exits between two continents, Istanbul is the only city in the world which connects Asia to Europe. There is a world biggest underwater archaeology museum in Bodrum with huge colorful markets, and the wild night life along with all sorts of water sports, Turkey has so many other attractions. This country is also a foodie’s heaven with blended taste of Mediterranean and Middle Asia there are some amazing dishes to gulp down before you die. Dive in the sea of culture, adventure and natural beauty, plan your next holiday in Turkey.