Friday, 8 January 2016

Astonishing celebrities’ engagement rings of all time

In my opinion the most memorable moment in the life of bride and groom before marriage is “the proposal.” No matter how casual or extravagant it is, the feeling and memories attached to it is always unforgettable. If you are planning to propose your wife to be and having thoughts about which ring to get her, let’s take to the most extraordinary Hollywood rings in the history.
Angelina Jolie:

This engagement is my top favorite, I love how the diamonds encircle Jolie’s finger. This ring is a specially design and cut just fit perfectly on her hand. Brad pit was the co-designer with jeweler Robert Procop.
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Olivia Wilde:
Olivia wear a really unconventional ring. Her ring has emerald circling around the diamond on a thin gold band, a great way to infuse colors.
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Kate Middleton:
The Duchess of Cambridge wear the same engagement ring as Princess Diana. This heirloom sapphire ring is of immense value with historic links.
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Scarlett Johansson:  
Scarlett Johansson has this antique piece of art on her finger, which has three round-cut diamonds and rows of pave diamonds on tiered sitting.
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Kim Kardashian:
Kim’s engagement made the news until her marriage, this is the most talked about wedding in history after Princess Diana’s. She wore a 15-carate Lorrain Schwartz ring.
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These celebs wear the most astonishing rings for the present time, the iconic rings in history have other names included. Rings are my most favorite piece of jewelry and if you love them as much as I do then do visit Wallis, their ring collection is insane. You can also enjoy superb discounts by using Wallis voucher codes from