Monday, 25 January 2016

Casual indoor clothing styles for winters

As winters are here, that means we are going to stay in most of the time, because the weather plays trick on us and ditching plans sometimes feels brilliant. Umm staying home in jammies is what we all want but let’s say your home is full of people and it’s obviously rude to stay in your bedding clothes for the whole time. So here is the style guide for staying casual yet stylish in your home while lounging.
Turtle necks:

If you are a stylists and you don’t possess turtle neck than you have never been so strong in you styling game. Infuse your off duty clothing line with turtle neck that are comfy, cozy and yet stylish just pair them with your most used ripped denim. You can get this super soft turtle neck from Lulus on amazing prices by swiping lulu’s coupon codes from online coupon island.
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Oversized sweaters:
Love those lose fitted trendy sweaters? You can easily wear them while Netflix and chill just add a little action in the game, they are mostly long length so you can easily wear tights and uggs to stay tuck in while being in your super chic off duty style. Like this mushy sunny pink sweater, that is extremely easy to pair with anything. Slay in this sweater from lulus.
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Sweater dresses:
Enjoying the simplest things is an ultimate relaxing therapy. This is accurately correct if you want to make a fashion statement, sweater dresses are the least effort required outfit pull on a legging on any color sweater dress or compliment it with tall boots. Shop from lulus and buy the yummiest collection of their sweater dresses, by using lulus promo codes available at
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