Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Nike signed its first ever life time deal in 44 years history

This is the first time in the history of this gigantic sports apparel brand Nike that, it has signed a star for life time in the history of 44 years. The basketball star LeBron James 30, is at the peak of his career and still have years to play. James never had any serious issues according to his health and fitness, only minor injuries but never had miss any important game in his career this far.
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Image courtesy: latimes.com
James has been a part of Nike before, for 7 years. Cleveland Cavaliers drafted James in 2003 but he was back with Nike in 2010 re-signing the contract for $30 million annually. Why everyone is going crazy about this deal is not that this super awesome brand has done something unusual in its history but this contracts is massive in terms of money too. According to assumptions only, James was able to seal the deal which easily surpassed the 7-years long contract for Kevin Durant singed in 2014 for $ 300 million dollars.
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Image courtesy: cowib.org

This basketball hunk has had own signature line of shoes with Nike since his rookie season, which was the reason of $ 340 seals per annum and quite famous in high profile players, according to Forbes. This news has somewhat comes as a surprise on the behalf of both parties. And looks like this deals is one of the most successful business ventures series. James and Nike combo has proved to be a fruitful one in the past years, and we think it’s going to be the same this time too. Get your hands on premium Nike’s products in extremely affordable prices by using Nike voucher codes available at Online Coupon Island.