Wednesday, 25 May 2016

4 summer shopping hacks that are swear by the experts

Blazing heat sometimes effect our decision making ability and we tend to make impulsive decisions. This can effect in a great way while you are on shopping spree. A freshly paid off credit card can be flaunt but having a grip on your expending will definitely save you the afterwards regrets. Everyone can make use of these amazing shopping tips I have collected from the shopping experts. And these hacks are best for summers’ shopping trips whether to the stores or online.

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Always look for the fabric:
You can’t ignore the fabric while buying clothing for summers. You need to take the material in consideration. The suitable fabric will be linen, cotton or silk. But the best is linen, the most breathable, light and flowy material. Tops and dresses are best of this cloth, beat the heat while you can.

Toss in some versatile accessories:
You may be going insane about the sales for 4th of July, but scope up some most versatile accessories like a scarf. This may sound stupid to many, but scarves are a summer essential, can be used for multiple purposes such as a sarong on a beach day or a wrap while you feel a little chill outside. Similarly, you should buy a hat that will save you from the scorching sun and keep your hair in place too. 
Size up for the footwear:
Umm that’s a known fact that while summers our feet tend to swell, and for the sake of this fact you should buy the shoes a size up to avoid sores or ill-fittings. Avoid heels and go for flats, straps or covered upper part is likely going to save you from sunburns too.

Keep an eye for the cuts:
Off shoulders and crop tops are such a cool IT summer trends. While shopping for the summer wardrobe heads for the tops first because these are the ones that run out fast. This is the time of year when you can flaunt showing of skin without being too much revealing. If you are heading to beach, crop tops can even replace bikinis.

Don’t forget your skin:
The sale is everywhere even on the beauty products so, don’t miss out the skincare department and spend a little on suns creams, skin hydrating lotions, skin whitening creams, essential oils and bath & body products like scrubs, and shower gels. Keep the sweating stinks at bay with amazing body splashes.