Monday, 15 August 2016

6 Ways to Keep Your E-cig Long Lasting with Blu Cigs

Smoking is a kind of addictive practice that becomes very hard to quit. Plus, its hazards are like icing on the cake. The smartest solution to this dilemma comes in the shape of e-cig. Not only it is cheaper than smoking but also causes less harm to your body as it is tobacco-free. To buy an e-cigarette starter kit may seem costly in the beginning. But it saves your money significantly in long-term.

Rebuild atomizer coils:

It is a practice that bangs for your buck when you want to customize your vaping experience. Although it is time-consuming to an extent but on the upside, it is savvy too. You enjoy the complete control over the performance of your device. If you’re using a rebuild-able dripping atomizer (RDA), it is extremely easy to do so even if you’re a beginner. So modify your vaping experience with this simple process and get more satisfying hits in your throat than before. Don’t forget to get yourself blu cigs promo codes 2016 from Online Coupon Island, to avail special discounts.

Record a vaping budget:

As recording and maintenance of a budget is must for everyone, so is for vaping. However as hard it is to remain adhered to a budget, it helps to know the amount that you spent on vaping each month. Once you run through a proper budget plan, you ultimately become a frugal shopper. Find great savings on each purchase of e-cigs with blu cigs coupon codes.

Enter contests to win big:

Sweepstakes on blu cigs’s website is a perfect way to get the latest vape gear and enjoy many other giveaways. What you need to do is, follow blu cigs on social media as they love running contests for their loyal consumers. It believes in thrilling you to share some blu moments with a hashtag #JustMeAndBlu. You might win gift certificates and some new products for free. Hurry to enter their exciting giveaways.

Regular and proper use of E-cig battery:

A member of rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion battery, is used in e-cigs because of its power. Always keep the battery fully charged to let the power cells flow easily. If it’s not then delivering the required power becomes hard for vaping. For a long life of your e-cig battery, avoid vaping while it is low. Avail blu cigs deals to buy e-cig batteries at insanely low prices.

Keep battery threads and e-cig cartomizers clean:

Since there are chances that dust and moisture ruin the battery, it is important to keep the threads between battery and cartomizer clean. Use of a cotton wipe may help you clean the battery threads where they join in with the cartomizer. Ensure to implement the exercise to enjoy uninterrupted vaping sessions. Alongside, blu cigs discount codes bring immense savings on each purchase of e-cigs and other vaping products.

Tighten the clearomiser wisely:

A clearomiser needs to be screwed firmly (with hands) but don’t tighten it much with tools. Never screw a clearomiser tightly, it may damage the connections. If you find it difficult to unscrew from the battery, use something like rubber grip rather than any tool to loosen it. Using a tool could damage the clearomiser and the battery, both. Moreover, turn it anti-clockwise until you hear a click.