Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Online Coupon Island Soon to Launch Cashback Offers on Wide Range of Brands
Save your money now so you can use tomorrow. 

As consumers and retailers get more intrigued towards cashback offers, the renowned coupon website Online Coupon Island has also jumped on the bandwagon. The coupon portal is soon going to launch its own cashback offers on the variety of popular brands.

Cashback deals seemingly intrigue customers the most. This is a novel marketing tactic has been around for a while and companies usually create cashback programs to attract more customers. In these deals customers are offered a cash back rebate on all the items that they have purchased online. As per the latest research, 50% of customers these days are looking for cashback on every purchase and almost 4 out of 10 customers prefer shopping from those websites that offer this facility.

Cash back offers have ample of benefits for retailers also. Besides escalating the website traffic, they also contribute in soaring average order values and increase sales for all types of retailers. Now the real challenge for customers that arises over here is to be aware of the various cash back offers that are coming up. Through the medium of social media Online Coupon Island is planning on spreading the word. The firm has also already done the base work for customers by establishing cashback relationships with top notch retailers available online. As soon as this facility is launched on the website, besides the wide selection of voucher codes and promo codes customers will also have an option of enticing cashback offers to avail.