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How Men Should Choose the Right Colours for Their Skin Tone – Save with Macy’s Promo Codes

Gone are the times when men could only wear white, black, blue, grey colours. In terms of style and trends men’s fashion has come a long way. These days’ chaps don almost every colour, ranging from orange, pink, and burgundy to other hues as well. The vast spectrum of distinctive shades however makes it difficult for men to choose the right colours for themselves. Colours that will not just accentuate their persona but also help them flatter their whole natural look. Besides choosing different colours style also matters a lot. To get the correct styles as per the latest on going trends check out the collected featured on the top most brand Macy’s.

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Fair/Pale Skin
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If your features are light and you’ve got a pale or fair skin tone, then opt for shades that will contrast with your skin and will definitely bring more charm in your overall complexion.

Which Colours to Wear

Darker colours that contrast the best with your skin tone such as grey, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy blue and the bolder shades of green will also look eloquent. Add lux-edge to your wardrobe with the incredible collection of men’s dresses and shoes featured on Macy’s and save smartly with Macy’s discount coupons available on various websites online.

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Colours to Avoid

In terms of colours you must always avoid the lighter pastel hues and bright colours, as they overshadow the prominent features of your personality, instead of highlighting them.

The same thing goes for neutrals also. Always opt for richer shades like sand, camel, khaki prints and slate colours instead of lighter shades of beige, white and other colours. To get all your shopped items at frugal rates opt for Macy’s coupon codes and save big. You can conveniently get these codes from the renowned top websites like Retail Me Not and Online Coupon Island, from where you can find coupons on all your favourite top brands.

Darker Tone of Skin

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Just like guys with medium coloured skin tones, guys with darker skin tones do not need to make any sort of effort with any trepidation. In case if you are searching for latest styles in casual button down T-shirts, coats, hoodies and blazers then Macy’s is the spot where you should be at.

Colours to Wear

The colour of your skin is perfect to go well with the huge majority of exquisite shades and hues. While the back and navy colours are the perfect go to colours for most of the men, it is always worth keeping these to make your versatile skin tone more noticeable and to pull off your style more confidently. To avail discounts on your shopping opt for Macy’s online shopping coupons and save smartly.

Colours to Avoid

Don’t go for earthy tones and the colours that have been washed out as the lighter hues never go well with the dark skin tones. Also you must also note that brown is pretty much a big no-no for you.

Medium or Olive Coloured Skin Tone

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Colours to Wear

If you have a medium or olive coloured skin tone, you are very lucky, because this is the skin tone that will look good on any skin. In terms of shades you can always opt for colours that are either brighter or darker in shades. To get discounts on your shopping get yourself Macy’s promotional codes and save smartly.

Choose pale colours or the tones of beige, instead of the warm sand if you are opting lighter neutrals, or just simply opt for magneta, instead of mauve. For example for a summery look, fuse colours or just go all white.

Colours Not to Get

You must avoid wearing shades that are quite similar to your skin tone, but make sure you don’t select the ones that feasibly blend with your skin.

It is not mandatory that you follow all the above mentioned guidelines religiously. There is no rocket science and experimenting with your looks is always good. Having olive skin is what you might like with a colour under a different list. Try out everything and then figure out what actually looks good on you. Also to get all your shopped items at rates lower than the market prices get yourself Macy’s discount codes and avail incredible discounts on your shopping.


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