Monday, 4 May 2015

NFL Got Exciting This Year With Some Interesting Games

NFL seems to remain exciting all year long. You never miss the excitement from draft to the regular season to the Super Bowl to many more. This year NFL got even better due to some exciting games scheduled this season. NFL fans are anxiously waiting for some games. And the rivalry seems to continue between some teams with even more ferocity. However, no matter how much we love NFL, yet all teams are not equal. This means there will be a winner and a loser. Sure, we will be happy to watch many games. The New England Patriots facing the Pittsburgh Steelers is a game that many would love to watch. Watching a renewed rivalry between the New York Jets and the Patriots will be fun too. As the fans wait anxiously for the season to begin, we will take a look at the top games of this season.

Seahawks at Packers (week 2)
Scheduled in week 2 on the 20th of September, the Packers will all fired for this game. It is not just about revenge for the last year NFC’s game, but there is much more to it. The Packers could easily win at the Lambeau field, so why not this one?
Patriots at Dolphins (week 17)
Many would say this game is unlikely to be a top-notch game. However, there are many reasons to it. Both the Patriots and Miami fans are eager to see their teams in action this week 17. The past 12 seasons have seen the Patriots win the AFC East 11 times. They are most likely to do the same again this season. This is not to suggest in any way that the Miami Dolphins lag behind. They will do their best to make this game interesting.
Philadelphia Eagles host Dallas Cowboys (week 2) and Dallas Cowboys host Philadelphia Eagles (week 9)
So what will this game be like? Will it be revenge by DeMarco Murray? This leading offensive player never made an agreement with the Cowboys or wasn’t allowed to. So this year he was happily signed by the Eagles. Maybe, he will be looking for some payback. Anyways, even apart from the offensive player, games between these two sides are interesting as the rivalry between the two will make it one of the top games this season. These two games will also go a long way in deciding who wins the NFC East.
New England Patriots at Denver Broncos (week 12)
What makes this game so exciting? It will be Tom Brady-Peyton Manning meeting. When these two quarterbacks go to duel, most fans will be aware that this may be the last in years to come. This game is different from the last three regular-seasons as it is scheduled in Broncos. The last three games were in New England which the Patriots won.
Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys (Week 8)
When these two teams met for the last time in 2014, the game was the best duel of the season. The Cowboys managed to upset the Seahawks in their home town. However, there is some difference in this game as the Cowboys do not have Murray any more. Nevertheless, this game will still be an exciting one.

So how do you plan to enjoy all this excitement? If you watch NFL games online, then you will surely be aware about all the interruptions and blackouts that are faced. A blackout at the last minutes of a thriller could prove to be very irritating. However, the good new is that there is an NFL Game Pass In USA to save you from this hassle. Don’t forget to enjoy uninterrupted games of NFL at low prices.