Thursday, 7 May 2015

Rookies Expected To Contribute A Lot For Miami Dolphins in 2015

The Miami Dolphins rookie class is expected to deliver in 2015. Leading analysts have rated these rookie players positively. They have been graded as “A” as well as “B” by many TV talk shows.
Miami this season has all together seven draft picks. Of these four are expected to deliver this season. So let’s take a close look at which rookie players are likely to make an impact.

Jamil Douglas
Douglas has the versatility that is required for Dolphins offensive line. Last year was witness to the struggles that the Dolphins offense experienced. Experts suggest that he has all that is required for a solid pass protector. To make matters even better for him, the GM of dolphins Dennis Hickey admires the player for his athleticism and toughness. Standing 6-foot-4 with a weight of 304 pounds, Douglas seems a probable player who will prevail on the field.
However, there is still no guarantee for him at all. He will have to compete with many players for his position including J.D. Walton, Dallas Thomas, and Jeff Linkenbach.

DeVante Parker
Parker is a first round pick who according to some experts has the potential to be a Pro Bowl receiver. This does not suggest in any way that he will definitely be on the field this season. Miami has many other notable receivers. These include Greg Jennings, Kenny Stills, and Jarvis Landry.

Jordan Phillips
A surprise pick in the second round, the defensive tackle is expected to contribute immediately despite being completely new. While Ndamukong Suh and Earl Mitchell make the start for their teams, the rookie will get to enjoy snaps as the third tackle. Though the 6-foot-5 inches tall player is still unproven, yet he will get to learn a lot from Suh which will allow him to remain motivated. His presence will likely boost the team’s run defense.

Jay Ajayi
There were some concerns regarding his surgically-repaired knee, yet these have all but subsided for the year 2015. Along with power, he is a strong pass catcher. Ajayi made history in major college football when he ran over 1,800 yards last year.

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