Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Why Nike Continues To Enjoy Immense Popularity Among The People

Athletic shoes are a worldwide major market. Sports are popular on a global scale which implies that many people would opt for athletic shoes of superior-quality. At times, these shoes are considered to be a sign of status and symbol. They are regarded by many as important elements of individual fashion. When it comes to athletic shoes, there is one major company that comes out on the very top in terms of both sales and popularity. Nike is the name that most people opt for when they want to buy athletic shoes. Despite the arrival of numerous brands, Nike is still way ahead due to a number of reasons. We will examine these reasons in these articles.

Fans of Nike have a firmer view of their brand. A closer inspection of the brand will reveal that Nike consumers have reasons to make their choice with more confidence.

An amazing part about Nike is that though it started in 1964, yet it still managed to take the lead from other brands that started much earlier. Nike has had marvelous success after it choose to focus on the American market. It commanded 62% of the athletic footwear market in the U.S. in 2014. So why is Nike ahead of its competitors?

One of the main reasons why Nike enjoys immense success is its Nike Sport Research Laboratory. Staffed by PhD’s, it has been able to provide a cutting edge research not just with regards to footwear but also in apparel and equipment. Operating such a facility is expensive and no other company from this industry has anything like this laboratory. This is the reason why Nike has the state-of-art technology that allows it to come with the topmost products in the market. It is also why Nike is able to support performances by the world’s best athletes.

When people opt for a brand, they mostly look for two aspects; fit and comfort. Shoes by Nike have these features. Nike shoes last longer and they have a cushioning impact that allows comfort to users. Speaking of comfort, it is important in athletic shoes as they are worn for many hours at a turn under intense physical conditions. Nike serves to provide softness in the shoes by using a number of technologies such as air cushions. Though other companies do something similar, yet Nike provides this same feature in a unique and distinctive way.

With more than 22 million likes on Facebook and 3.5 million followers on twitter, Nike has engaged a large number of fans. Overall, Nike boasts of a better selection of shoes than Adidas. Nike offers a wider variation of different types of shoes. Also, endorsed by higher profile athletes like Michael Jordan, Cristiana Ronaldo and Kobe, Nike has a much bigger fan following. People generally rate Nike shoes as being more stylish and well known. This is the reason why Nike sells more than other brands. Nike revenues worldwide grew from $13.74 Billion in 2005 to $27.799 billion in 2014.
Nike takes various steps to make its offerings more accessible to the public. Due to this very reason, Nike offers its users Nike Voucher Codes which allows you to avail Nike products at discounted prices.

On account of expanding its global outreach, Nike is also offering Nike discount vouchers to its users in the UK.