Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Nike Adjusts You To All Sports With Different Sports Footwear

The Best Sports Brand In USA

As the leading top sports brand in the United States, Nike serves to provide the best to athletes. That is why athletes the world over prefer Nike over other brands. With its famous swoosh logo; Nike has grabbed attention the world over for its quality and comfort. Nike has come up with designs for almost all athletic needs and also for sports such as basketball, golf and soccer.

A Word About Nike

Founded way back in 1964, the company was then known as Blue Ribbon Sports and adopted the name Nike in 1978. The company rose to fame and by 1980 was selling 50% of the athletic shoes in the States. Nike jumped to popularity in the mid-1980s when it released a basketball shoe named Air Jordan. The shoe was endorsed by famous player Michael Jordan.

Nike Shoes

Nike manufactures shoes with various styles and for different reasons. It has different lines for men, women and children. Among other product line, Nike has shoes for walking, running, workouts, baseball, basketball, football, soccer and weight-lifting. These athletic shoes have been designed with the most innovative techniques to provide stability, comfort and foot support to the users. You can make best use of these innovative strategies by adopting the shoe for the purpose it has been designed for.

Nike Shoes For Sports

Nike is famous for making shoes for various sports such as football, soccer, tennis, basketball and golf. At times, these shoes have been designed specifically and have a specialized function such as cleats. They are not worn off the field. However, some shoes such as Nike’s basketball shoes are also worn off the field and have become everyday wear.

Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are unique as compared to other shoes as they are easily spotted owing to their high-top design. However, the last few years have witnessed some low-top basketball shoes. Nike has been successful because it has shoe lines inspired and endorsed by greatest athletes in the world. These include Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.

Endorsement of shoes by famous athletes helps in making these shoes popular among their fans. They also make it popular among the amateur and professional players. The Jordan line has been very famous.

These basketball shoes are designed to assist in any activity that requires jumping and side-to-side movements.

Tennis Shoes

The tennis shoes designed by Nike are limelight and durable. They have been designed for quick sprints and for making sudden stops during the game. This line of shoes includes Nike Zoom Courtlite, Nike Air Max Cage, Nike Zoom Vapor 9, and Nike City Court.

Overall, these shoes make excellent all-around athletic shoes. This is because many needs have been combined in just one shoe.

Nike Shoes For Baseball, Football and Soccer

Nike has manufactured these shoes that are usable for everyday wear and also for training. This is in contrast to other brands which make shoes that are more like cleats. Nike has come up with shoes that have been inspired by football star Chris Johnson and baseball player Ken Griffey.

Nike has always worked towards making its offer accessible to all. As part of this endeavor, Nike is providing Nike Coupon Codes to its users that will allow them to avail Nike products at low prices. Make use of this offer and enjoy the best Nike products at discounted prices.