Monday, 11 May 2015

Denver Broncos Suffer Loss Of Tight End Jeff Heuerman

One of the newest targets for Denver Broncos at tight end will be unavailable for this season. Jeff Heuerman has suffered a torn ACL and is expected to miss this year.
Heuerman, a third-round pick suffered from an ACL injury in his left knee last Saturday as he participated in a rookie minicamp. The team announced his injury saying he is expected to miss this year.

Coach Gary Kubiak was disappointed. "I feel terrible for Jeff and this is an unfortunate situation. Jeff was going to be a big part of our team this year, and he's still going to be a big part of our team and organization in the future. He'll get well and be with us as part of this team throughout his rehabilitation.”

However, the coach commented that he had a bright future ahead.
Drafted to assist Owen Daniels, he was intended to cover the gap left by pass-catcher Julius Thomas. He had been a captain on OSU’s national championship team.

Heuerman possess the necessary athletic traits for the position of tight end. He also has the speed required after the catch and has the ability to threaten the seam vertically.

Despite the loss of Heuerman, the Denver Broncos still have many key players to assist them at the tight end position. This year they are expected to perform much better. Do not forget to watch NFL games this season. To ensure you do not miss out any game, buy NFL Game Pass Coupon that will allow you to watch the entire season at reasonable price.