Saturday, 11 July 2015

Banned But Still In Massive Use: Marijuana Continues To Remain A Favorite Drug In NFL

Despite a ban on marijuana, NFL players continue to use the product in great numbers. An investigation into its use may shock many, but the truth is that the use of marijuana is as common as drinking a beer. This is a far cry from the various strict measures that the NFL keeps implementing and the many punishments it keep out handing to various players for violating its rule.

Jamal Anderson on the use of marijuana
Take for example the case of Jamal Anderson, a former running back in the NFL. Well known for his eight-year stint with the Atlanta Falcons where he rushed for over 5,000 yards, he retired with great fame.
Such a respected player has much to say about marijuana. According to Anderson, he remembers the use of marijuana when he was active as a player. Marijuana use was just not for enjoyment but it was also used as a treatment for treating aches and bruises caused by playing in the league.
Anderson says that the use of marijuana may have risen to at least 60 percent now.
According to Anderson, around 40-50% of the people in the league were using marijuana while he was playing. With time Anderson thinks that the number of players using marijuana must have grown significantly. He remains in regular contact with the players so he believes that his assumption is true.

What others have to say?
It’s not just Anderson but also the players believe that the use of marijuana in sports is extensive. Many players use the drug to deal with the after effects of head trauma. This is not all. Marijuana may help people refrain from committing suicide. This is what one player said in an interview.
Many interviews taken by private channels and newspaper suggest that the players who never failed an NFL drug tests and hence were under no threat of undergoing multiple tests were into smoking weed after games. The use of weed is said to depend on the time of season and how hard the games and practices are. Many players smoke at least three to four times a week.

Why players use marijuana
There is no one single reason why the use of marijuana has increased with time. There are many. Players find it an interesting recreational activity where they can thoroughly enjoy themselves. Also, many players suffer from injuries and concussions. One common injury is the head trauma they face. Marijuana serves well in this regard as it helps as a pain killer.
Another possible reason is that the current players no longer believe in the stigma that is usually attached with smoking marijuana as do the older people. The use of marijuana is becoming so common that now it is being seen as a common thing. Since it also helps with the concussions, its use has risen sharply.

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