Saturday, 14 November 2015

Do I hear Harry Potter is coming back?

I am lucky enough to be born in the era of Harry Potter, today's kid won't understand the excitement and thriller we used to have just to hear about the launching of a new book. I have been hooked to the series and was addicted to it like a drug, have read millions of time each and every book. And especially "Deathly Hallows" the end of the dark lord, the fight for life, good winning over evil. The only idea is so mesmerizing and gets you clinched to it.

Personally I was never a fan of the movie I am better at imagination, and movies kind of ruin my imagination. Like Viktor Krum, he was way hotter in my mind than in the movie. Ministry of Magic was slightly disappointing too. I can't imagine my childhood without these amazing book series. I had all the books and dared not to lend them to anyone to read as they were close to my heart. I use to have posters and cuttings from the magazine, and a full wall just dedicated to Harry Potter. That reminds me of an amazing coupon code that offer 20% off and free shipping on $100 and over on Fathead, which is a specialist wall poster and vinyl wall graphics.

I was so furious when people start comparing Twilight saga to Harry Potter. Like what the fudge? Harry Potter is a class, and Twilight is just a love story no offence to Edward and Bella fans, but I find Myrtle Warren more attractive! The previous week I heard news about J.K Rolling is going to write another book that is going to play, happening in 2016 but will happen only in London. I just wish I could be there at that time to experience the magic one more time. Looking for more related offers visit onlinecouponisland