Thursday, 19 November 2015

How to prolong the life of your racket?

Tennis player keeps their rackets dear to the heart. The maintenance require a routine and peculiar care. Tennis racket is an asset, the money you pay to buy professional racket is hard earned and equal to a fortune. So if somebody lands you, hands down personal tips of taking care for your racket, how would you like it?

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Racket storage:

·         Always keep your racket covered after playing. Save from dust, as dirt can accumulate in stings hole and erode the string while playing.

· Keep your racket at a right temperature, not too hot or cold.

· Even if you are out keep your racket save from heat.

· Never ever put your racket in a trunk. That’s the worst place or hell for your racket.

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  String Maintenance:
Strings of a racket has a similar importance as oxygen to us. Don’t ever use your racket on rough surface. And if you are as amateur player then don’t worry about the scratches. The scratches appears usually after the playing as it’s inevitable. Don’t keep yourself worrying about paint chips or scratches. How often you should get your racket restrung depends totally on the player. You can get exceptional quality strings from Millet sports, avail their voucher code for 10 % off sitewide from 

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Bumper guard:

This part is like a barrier between the racket and atmosphere, it guards the racket from whether changes and other damages, worn out bumper guard should be changed on the shortest notice as it can cause injuries to the racket frame. It is advisable to order an extra kit of bumper guard at the time of purchasing your racket. 

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Grip maintenance:

Never let your racket grip worn out, it can cause a poor hold and slipping in action. As soon as the grip starting to ragged change it on that very instant. You can buy a grip box from Millet Sports and save up to 50 % off mid-season sales voucher code from online coupon island.

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These are some pro tips to save your racket: your valued treasure from atmosphere damages and other day to day harms.