Thursday, 19 November 2015

Sleep like a king in your bedroom

Have you ever wonder that you spent at least 1\3 of your life on bed? The bed is the only thing that covers most space in a bed room and not just physically but visually too. A poorly made bed looks awful and spoil the whole look of a bedroom. Do you know the secret behind wonderful sleep on a hotel bed? Well, to reveal the secret here are few tips to infuse in your bedding style and sleep like a king in your own bed.

Fitted sheet is a must: 

Most of the time we forget about the important thing in the line of bedding: “fitted sheet.” The bottom layer is unforgettable. It is the base that is going to hold the other layers together and for an additional tip, always use white. It not only makes your bed look crisp and cleaner but easy to clean and goes with every color.

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 Nothing beats the top sheet:

That’s a necessary part of making a bed “top sheet” you can use any color, but it’s advisable to use white. Again this color is compatible with every other color and gives a very refreshing and spacious feeling to the room. Don’t not iron, fitted sheet neither top sheet just spray with any linen spray to add a little scent and ease the crease.

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Add a top quilt or bedspread:

This gives you the most hotel bed like feeling. This is the secret spice we usually miss from our home. Adding a top quilt making it more comfy and cuddle able. Don’t you want a bed that kind of hug you when you lie down on it? So just put an extra layer and enjoy the bliss.

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The final assembling:

Now you can spread the final touches. Fold the top spread with the sheet, tuck the side in. Match your primary pillows with the spread, you 4 minimum. Then comes the turn for quilt cover, this is the part where you colors and bring the life to the bed room. The rule is to match secondary pillows with the quilt cover, and this makes the total pillows 6. Invest in a good basket, so you can throw extra pillows in when using your bed. You can get the variety of pillows from “The White Company” and shop while use voucher codes and promo codes and get free delivery on order over 50 pounds or more.

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