Saturday, 14 November 2015

Marvel comics all the way till 2019

Did you just realize how amazing next four years are going to be? As Marvel has planned to bombard us with all the most anticipated movies. Yes, I know this year Avengers: Age of Ultron was just fab, and we loved every tiny bit of the fighting sequel between "Hulk" and "Ironman! What gets me thrilled is that we are going to get the full dose of these superheroes until four years. Dreams do come true!

Marvel has just confirmed the release dates, and you need to mark your calendar. The very next movie will be going to:

Captain America: Civil War:

This movie is going to release in 2016, and surely be a treat to watch as we are going to see Ironman and Captain America face to face in a duel, loads of action and quirky humor. I just love Ironman!

Guardian of the Galaxy 2: 2017

Guardian of the Galaxy was the most grossing movie of 2014 and in 2016 I hope it just blows our mind. As a matter of fact if you are a diehard fan of Guardian of the Galaxy, you might like to collect vinyl wall graphics of its character. There is a fabulous sale on, which is like a giant in wall posters and vinyl wall graphics, and you can avail 15% off on all orders.

Thor: Ragnarok: 2017

Well according to Marvel announcement this movie will be based on the story Ragnarok that published in 2014. But there is a sad part of this movie that it is probably going to be the last movie of Thor! *sobs*

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