Saturday, 14 November 2015

Sassy and sexy shoe runway trend for fall 2015.

The Just right moment when all the fashion shows ended, I thought of writing a full account summary of those blazing events that were happening around from past three weeks. My main focus is shoes because I am obsessed with footwear, nothing beats stress then going to shoe shopping no matter how many pairs you possess you will still end up buy two or three.

Designers came up with such an exciting technique "patchwork." I know it's not new, but in shoes it's fairly unique and this experiment truly wins the fashion geeks over.

Furs! Who doesn't love furs? Add a little fur in your outfit and it will just instantly give you a pure regal. Imagine fur in your shoes, I mean how adorable. Fur has used in accessories before but footwear I guess that's the first time. Now we have another reason to enjoy dressing up.

Playing with color is another idea in shoe designing, this is just because two is better than one and it is. Bright and contrasting colors work well. In court shoes and boots, it looks amazingly hot. Well, it just crossed my mind that Dorothy Perkins has a 15% Off On Sale Items, and they have chic court shoes, which you want to check out.

I bet you never have thought that shoes can replace stockings, well this time it happened going higher is the next big thing in shoe fashion, higher than knees more fitted, definitely increasing the temperature. This fall season you can rock your shoes in a unique way.
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