Saturday, 6 February 2016

Know all before you go hiking: Tips and Hacks!

Feeling a little low, grumpy or just plain stressed, this might be an indication that you need some touch of mouther nature’s love. The outdoor lush green savannas are the anti-dot to the intoxicating life we are so much involved, little separation from the routine life is tolerate able, and would have great impacts on mind and soul. Pack up your backpack and take the road that leads you to the land of fantasies, life and soulfulness, but ahh!! It’s not that easy. You need to prepare a lot of things specially hiking equipment before you even start packing, like these:
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Pick a destination, oh-so-obvious!
Obviously heading out will need to pick out a destination, and that might sound absurd but you link to nature goes directly through computer. No kidding, you need to research a lot about the places like; which site is the best according to season and what are the main attractions, does that place is easy on your pocket, offers everything you want and more importantly does it has the spice of adventure? Pick the spot and plan your trip ahead.
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All you need hiking equipment:
Certainly when you are heading out you will be needing hell loads of stuff for hiking like, different boots, tents, outdoor clothes, and most important a backpack. This 20 pound back pack is all you have while you are on the road to the beautiful mountains. For all the major hiking shoes you should check millet hiking boots they have variety of amazing brands, and for hiking backpack they are the one you should consider.
Back pack essential:
This is the brief account of things you should keep in your backpack, not only life necessities but things that provide sustainability in your trip.
·         Navigation: you don’t want to get lost or lose your track and in you do miss, or take a wrong turn you should have navigation to lead you your way back.
·         Sun protection: probably it’s going to be blazing hot and you don’t want you skin to burn as a wood, sun protection is a must have. Plus in freezing cold areas you should have moisturizer to keep your skin save from rough cold winds.
·         Insulation: keep extra layers of insulation in a non-clothing form, you can visit Millet Sports for millet hiking equipment.
·         Emergency lights: not to forget to keep lights, flash lights, and batteries, for all the worst scenarios that can happen.
·         First aid supplies: you might hit your head or bump your toe, and in that case first aid supplies are must have.
·         Fire making supplies: bring few boxes of waterproof matchsticks and lighter.
·         Nutrition: keep the energy dense food that are light weight and handy at the same time plus at-least pack the supply that last for a whole night and next day, even you are 100% certain you will get back.
·         Water: keep multiple quarter size water supply separately for every person.
·         Emergency shelter: you might don’t planned to camp but it’s smart to keep tents and sleeping that you will find in hiking equipment category of Millet Sports too.
·         Dress up for the show: this dressing up doesn’t mean suiting up for the red carpet but for hiking, shop hiking clothes of good quality.
These are the tips and hacks you should tie down in your head and on paper, so you don’t miss anything while on the field.