Monday, 7 March 2016

5 Stunning Lulu’s prom dresses under $100

The starting of May might mean wedding season for adults but the teens are super hyped for their end of the year formal dance, “prom.” The tension, excitement and insane amount of stress is accompanied with the word Prom. As it is the end of academic year, meaning exams and then right after exams you have this big event you are waiting the whole year. But the stress of finding the perfect prom dress is real. That little glittery dress that you have your heart on since the start of the year looks oh-so-wow on your friend and not so-great-on you. So here are the best picks from Lulu’s that will resolve all your problems. Plus a little walk through guide on how you should plan shopping for prom dresses.

Experts advise on this serious business:

  • You might have heard thousand time to buy the dress according to your body type, but no one tells you to buy it in a sizer bigger as prom dresses run a size small.
  • Don’t you dare to miss out dress sale! Restricting yourself for just prom dresses is practically not smart, so check out all the dress sale you might find something unexpected.
  • Keep your hair shade, eye color, and skin tone in your mind before choosing color of the dress.
  • Try out all the dresses you like, you never know the dress you are leaving might be the “D-dress” for you.
  • Try out the whole look days before. The dress, makeup, shoes, accessories and even the hair-do, try it before time so you know what you are missing and what to minus.
  • Keep it subtle. Don’t go crazy on the accessories or makeup, generally a decent dress is ruined by over make up or loaded accessories.
These are the points you should know by heart for prom, below is a list of “must have” prom dresses under $ 100 from Lulu’s.

Lulu’s 5 must have prom dresses:

Lulu’s prom dresses are the best buys and that too under $100, plus you can use Lulu’s promo codes for extra savings.

Always Stunning convertible Maxi Dress; $58:

This is one amazing dress that can be worn whichever way you want. Just wrap it around and woohhh! You are good to go. The full length and flowing satin material gives it a killer effect, available in 4 colors; blush pink, purple, navy blue and beige. Team up this elegant dress with delicate jewelry and high heels.
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Could have dance all night pale blush maxi dress:

This gorgeous organza dress is like a fairy tale dream, look like a princess in this beauty. The V-neck line, embroider bodice and fitted waist gives it the most alluring look. The ivory color goes best with golds, so fix it with golden shoes and cute earrings.
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Time is right strapless midi dress:

Dance all night long in this fun and flirt, extremely pretty strapless midi dress. The strapless bodice shows a little bit of skin in the most graceful way. This haute dress is extremely suitable for petite girls. Available in three colors; mid night blue, wine red and ivory. Complete the look with necklace and high heel.
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Only one red lace maxi dress; $57:

This sassy red dress is all you want for breath-taking-head-turning situation. The red lace looks incredible hot with mid-thigh lining. Thigh high slit addons to the oomph factor, this dress is complete and perfect that only smoky eye and high heels is all you need to do the justice.
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My prerogative gold beaded dress; 97:

If you are bold enough for little gold and ready to take on the night, this dress is the right choice. Gold color is the ultimate style statement and no matter which you walk, heads will turn in your direction. Mingle of gold thread and sequins gives it the most glamorous look. Put on some make up and high heels, with this spectacular dress you don’t need anything else. One of the finest pick from Lulu’s prom dress 2016.
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