Monday, 14 March 2016

Vegan cheesecakes are the healthiest substitute

You are not a strict vegan and want to compromise on your diet equities, eating healthy is your latest obsession but feel helpless when it comes to cheesecakes. Everybody does! Don’t be so hard on yourself, as there are a variety of vegan cheese cakes that are so yum that you will die for them. Don’t let the word cheese in cheesecake fool you, make easy-peasy, mouthwatering cakes without even a single hint of dairy products. 

The ingredients use in base for the cheese cakes are mostly dry fruits such as dates, almond, walnuts, pecans, and so on but for the creamy cheesy effect two main ingredients you must have cashew and coconut oil. There are different types of vegan cheesecakes; no bake, frozen, gluten free and many more.
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All you need are few basic ingredients and a blender, just throw them in and boom you will have a divine piece of heavenly tasty cake. It is this easy! For all the vegan and organic supplies, must visit, the best online destination for supreme quality food products. 
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Listing down the basic components that you should store in your pantry for sudden urges to gulp down a scrumptious slice:
·         Coconut oil.
·         Maple syrup.
·         Cashew nuts.
·         Coco butter.
·         Organic gelatin. (for setting)
·         Walnuts and dates for crust ( crust components can vary depending on the flavor you want)
Play around with these basic items and add on your favorite fruits for flavors, experiment for mastering the perfect cake that you will consider as a score. Vegan cheese cakes are not any lesser in taste, texture, or tart. They are filled with natural sweetness and most important point, extremely healthy!   
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